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Championship rings have changed dramatically over the years.  For example, when the Baltimore Colts won the Super Bowl there were only 79 Super Bowl rings made.  Of those 79 rings, 49 were for players, 7 were for the coaching staff, and the other 23 rings were for others.  That’s it only 79 rings and all 79 rings were identical.

Today as many as 1200 rings  with up to eight different levels or varieties can be distributed.  The “players version” is the most rare and also the most expensive.

At the Castle of Rings we strive to only present the very best Championship Rings.  Therefore all of the rings you see in our display are all the “Players Version Rings”.  Sometimes these “Player Version Rings” are also given out to coaches, front office staff, owners, and executives.  So when you are looking throughout our gallery, unless otherwise stated all of the Championship Rings will be the “players version”.

Having a player’s version ring, even if it was a coach or executive is extremely hard to come by as they are definitely the most desirable of Championship Rings.

Many of these rings which we have acquired are from the original recipient.  At the time we obtained these rings we were asked to respect the privacy of that person.  We agreed to not publicly display the name on the ring or the position played.  In keeping with our high standards we will honor their request.

Therefore if you are interested in any of the rings that you see, please contact us.  At that time we can discuss the particular ring and give you more information about it.


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