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In the early 1980’s when the 49ers and Raiders were busy winning Super Bowls the Castle of Rings was quietly accumulating Super Bowl Rings.  The Castle had a significant number of rings in their vault when they decided to display the collection at Super Bowl XXXI in New Orleans.

Word soon got out about  this amazing collection. In 1999 Jackie Gaughan, “the King of Downtown Las Vegas”  invited the Castle to bring its’  collection to Las Vegas for Super Bowl Weekend.  The collection was given top billing in the famous sports memorabilia hotel – the Las Vegas Club.

“Las Vegas was the place to be,”quoted company President Joe Kolstad.  “There were huge lines of fans, patiently waiting  to get a look at, and even try on some of the most famous jewelry in the world! Everyone was just ecstatic.  Many fans said it was more fun than being at the Super Bowl!”

Jackie Gaughan was so please he invited the Castle of Rings back several times in the 2000’s to highlight the Las Vegas Club’s  Super Bowl Week End festivities.

Since then, the Castle of Rings has been busy rebuilding inventory and athletic connections. In 2018 the Castle of Rings is pleased to bring this amazing collection back for viewing and purchasing. Enjoy this rare and difficult to amass collection.


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